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Darwin and his fabulous Orchids
A fulldome-video show for Planetaria

Aesthetic, unique, impressive - this introduction to the largest and most varied family of plants and to the research carried out by Charles Darwin will be an optically intense, but at the same time elegant experience. Lose yourself in a sea of colours, let yourself be carried away and intoxicated. Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Blossoming Planetarium
Orchids are amazingly seductive and full of tricks when it comes to attracting insects and ensuring pollination, which in turn means securing their own survival. Their creativity amazed Charles Darwin who carried out intensive research on this family of plants.
To celebrate Darwin year 2009, the Planetarium invites you to a fascinating journey into the secret life of orchids. In gigantic close-ups, the audience will learn the tricks used by the orchids to ensure their reproduction. Darwin once wrote that hardly anything else had fascinated him so much as orchids. In the immersive dome, sheet upon sheet of paper on which Darwin recorded his research will turn into a paper ocean, the expedition ship “The Beagle” or the forest in which orchid hunters hoped to find everlasting fame. Like no other medium before, the Planetarium’s 360° stage will enable you to experience a sensuous sea of flowers as well as the life and times of Charles Darwin.
Although the show is in every detail biologically and historically authentic, the humorous side is not neglected. The atmosphere is in particular intensified by the visual atmosphere created by the designer Ralph Heinsohn and by a soundtrack which was composed and arranged exclusively for the show by the musician and sound designer Sven Lütgen. In a video game, a member of the audience will have the opportunity to create a fictitious orchid and find out whether it can survive in the climatic zone selected.